Sunday, August 07, 2011

d0nT s@y U kN0w wHo I aM

maybe u look at me as an ordinary girl. but im not. so please read de title again. yup, everybody see me as clever girl from good background. study in university, from great high school( sekolah berasrama penuh), with great result. but, dats not who i am. parents put high hope on me. i dont want it. i juz want to live by myself. now is not who i am. i have something everyone doesnt know. i feel something everyone will never know. i have bad memory of my past. freakin memories. why i need to live in diz kind of world. i doesnt lucky as u guys thinks. i doesnt nice and good girl dats everybody thought. and dont u ever try to push me to another characters. i am who i am. so, if u dont like it, go away. stop want me to change. coz its juz hurt me. im in dark world dat i hope anyone will never come and touch me or try to pull me from my world. we live in different world. let me stay by myself.

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